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Is ibs-smart™ Available Internationally?

ibs-smart™ is available in several countries and territories through partnerships with the labs listed here

Please contact the lab directly to inquire about ordering ibs-smart™. 


We are actively expanding our partnerships. If you would like to stay in touch about the availability of ibs-smart™ in your country, please contact us using the form above.

Where Are My IBS Test Results?

Your results are sent to your ordering provider within 7 days of receiving your blood sample.


Please follow up with your provider to discuss your test results.


For telehealth patients, your results are directly emailed to you within 7 days of receiving your blood sample. 


You will have the option to schedule a free results consultation with your telehealth provider.

Does ibs-smart™ Take My Insurance?

ibs-smart™ is covered at least in part by many private insurance plans.

If you're interested in asking your insurance provider about coverage, you can reference procedure code 83520, which is billed twice (once for each antibody).

Does ibs-smart™ Take Medicare/Medicaid?

The cost of ibs-smart™ for Medicare and Medicaid patients is $0.

Medicare and Medicaid do not cover telehealth services. If you would like to use your Medicare or Medicaid coverage, please work with your local physician.

Where Can I Get My Blood Drawn for ibs-smart™?

You can bring your ibs-smart™ kit to your doctor's office, hospital lab, or an independent blood draw lab to collect and ship your blood sample.


No labs in your area? Interested in having blood drawn professionally at your home or workplace? Click here for a mobile phlebotomy option.

The ibs-smart™ kit contains professional blood draw materials and prepaid return shipping.

Can You Diagnose My IBS Symptoms?

Ibs-smart™ measures the levels of two antibodies in your blood known to be elevated in patients with post-infectious IBS (IBS-D or IBS-M). You can learn more here.


If levels of either antibody are elevated in your blood, you can be diagnosed with IBS-D or IBS-M with 96% - 100% certainty.

What Is Post-Infectious IBS?

Post-infectious IBS (PI-IBS) is caused by an instance of gastroenteritis (bacterial infection from food poisoning) that can result in autoimmunity. 


You can learn more about post-infectious IBS here.

ibs-smart™️ is the only licensed, patented antibody blood test for the diagnosis of IBS. See the full list of patents here

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