ibs-smart™ measures biomarkers in your blood that indicate IBS with 96% - 100% certainty.




ibs-smart™ is applicable to patients with diarrheal symptoms and diagnoses diarrhea-predominant or mixed-type IBS (IBS-D or IBS-M). 

These biomarkers are not common in patients with constipation-predominant IBS (IBS-C). 

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The validation study for ibs-smart™ showed that elevated biomarkers indicated IBS with up to 100% certainty. This test is highly specific in distinguishing between IBS and IBD. 

Is ibs-smart™ right for YOU?

Have you been experiencing the following for at least a few weeks? 

  • Stomach pain and cramping

  • Frequent bloating

  • Unpredictable diarrhea

    • or Alternating diarrhea and constipation

If you have been experiencing those symptoms, ibs-smart™ could help you begin appropriate treatment quickly and prevent years of potentially unnecessary procedures like colonoscopies.

IBS can occur alongside other serious illnesses. Ensure that you have thoroughly discussed all of your symptoms with your doctor to determine whether additional testing is necessary. 

If either antibody biomarker is 'Elevated,' your test results can be considered 'Positive.'

If your ibs-smart™ results are positive:

Download the ibs-smart™

Results Interpretation Guide

You know with certainty that you have IBS.

The organic biomarkers tested by ibs-smart™ have a positive predictive value of IBS that is 96%-100%. 

You know the cause,

which can help personalize treatment.

If the measured biomarkers are elevated, your IBS developed from gastroenteritis (food poisoning). This means your gut microbiome has been disrupted, indicating that treatments that target the gut microbiome could be effective for you. 

Here's how food poisoning leads to IBS.

You could avoid years of additional testing and costs.

If your doctor determines you have no other alarm symptoms, further testing may be unnecessary. 

Getting your results is easy. 

All that's needed is a blood sample. 

The ibs-smart™ kit includes materials for professional blood draw, a test order form, and prepaid shipping. 

There are two convenient ways to order. 

ibs-smart™ requires a doctor's signature. You can work with a telehealth prescriber, or have your doctor order ibs-smart™ for you. 


Order ibs-smart™ online using our telehealth provider. 

You can order ibs-smart™ online by answering a few questions about your symptoms. A telehealth provider will review your symptoms and order ibs-smart™ if it’s right for you. 

Test results are delivered to your inbox seven days after receiving your blood sample. 


You will have the option for a free consultation to discuss your results with your telehealth provider. 




Download our discussion guide for speaking with your doctor about ibs-smart™ and print a blank requisition form for your doctor to sign at your next appointment.



ibs-smart™️ is the only licensed, patented antibody blood test for the diagnosis of IBS. See the full list of patents here

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ibs-smart™️ is brought to patients by Gemelli Biotech. 

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