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How is IBS diagnosed?

Recently, scientists have identified biomarkers for IBS (anti-CdtB & anti-vinculin) that are measurable in a patient's blood. While these biomarkers do not indicate all forms of IBS, they are effective in diagnosing the majority of IBS-D and IBS-M cases.

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Which types of IBS does ibs-smart help diagnose?

ibs-smart is useful in the diagnosis of IBS-D and IBS-M. 

However, ibs-smart is not useful in the diagnosis of IBS-C, because the antibodies the test measures are not often found to be involved in patients with IBS-C.

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How is IBS treated?

While we cannot provide you with personalized guidance for treatment, there are many effective, FDA-approved drugs and therapies available. We encourage you to bring your ibs-smart results with you when you visit your healthcare provider to discuss your treatment options. 

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How common is post-infectious IBS?

48 million new cases of food poisoning occur every year in the US.11% (1 in 9) of food poisoning cases lead to IBS.  There may be more than 5 million new cases of post-infectious IBS a year in the US.

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