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Ordering Your ibs-smart
Blood Test

Ordering your ibs-smart blood test

Do I need a doctor to order ibs-smart for me?

Yes, a prescription from a medical provider is required to order this test. There are two ways for you to have a medical provider order the test for you:


  1. Work with our a doctor online here:

  2. Work with your current doctor here:


Can I order the test online?


Yes, you can with a doctor online to order ibs-smart here:


The process is simple: 

  1. ORDER -  Complete a symptoms screening questionnaire and order your ibs-smart collection kit to be shipped to your home.

  2. RECEIVE - Once the ibs-smart test is ordered for you by a licensed healthcare professional, a signed test order form will be emailed to you.

  3. COLLECT - You can bring your kit to any blood draw lab to collect and ship your blood sample. The ibs-smart kit contains professional blood draw materials and prepaid return shipping. 

  4. GET ANSWERS - Your ibs-smart test results will be emailed directly to you. You will also receive instructions to schedule a free ibs-smart results consultation. 

What if my physician isn’t familiar with the test?

If your physician isn’t aware of ibs-smart, you can download our patient discussion guide (here) to help you have a meaningful conversation about the test and how it could help with your diagnosis.  


Is ibs-smart available outside the United States?

ibs-smart is available in several countries and territories through partnerships with the labs listed here:


Please contact the lab directly to inquire about ordering ibs-smart. We are actively expanding our partnerships. If you would like to stay in touch about the availability of ibs-smart in your country, please contact us

Getting Blood Drawn for ibs-smart

Where can I get my blood drawn? 

Your doctor’s office may offer blood draw services. 


You can have your blood drawn at any independent blood draw lab. Go to to find an independent blood draw lab close to you. 


You can also schedule a professional phlebotomist to come to your home or workplace to collect your blood sample. To book your mobile blood draw appointment, visit

Do I have to pay for the blood draw?

Blood draw service fees are collected at the time of service and are not included in the cost of ibs-smart. Blood draw fees are the patient's responsibility.


Patients may be able to request a bill from their lab and submit an insurance claim for the blood draw amount.



Do I need to stop any medications (e.g., anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.) before drawing my blood sample?

No. Change in any medications is NOT required prior to blood draw. 



Do I need to fast before taking the test? 

No. Fasting is NOT required prior to blood draw.

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