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Ordering Your ibs-smart
Blood Test

Ordering your ibs-smart blood test

Do I need a doctor to order ibs-smart for me?

Yes, a prescription from a medical provider is required to order this test. There are two ways for you to have a medical provider order the test for you:


  1. Work with our a doctor online here:

  2. Work with your current doctor here:


Can I order the test online?


Yes, you can with a doctor online to order ibs-smart here:


The process is simple: 

  1. ORDER -  Complete a symptoms screening questionnaire and order your ibs-smart collection kit to be shipped to your home.

  2. RECEIVE - Once the ibs-smart test is ordered for you by a licensed healthcare professional, a signed test order form will be emailed to you.

  3. COLLECT - Your ibs-smart kit will include a blood draw device allowing you to collect your sample at home and prepaid shipping labels to mail your sample to the lab

  4. GET ANSWERS - Your ibs-smart test results will be emailed directly to you. You will also receive instructions to schedule a free ibs-smart results consultation. 

What if my physician isn’t familiar with the test?

If your physician isn’t aware of ibs-smart, you can download our patient discussion guide (here) to help you have a meaningful conversation about the test and how it could help with your diagnosis.  


Is ibs-smart available outside the United States?

ibs-smart is available in several countries and territories through partnerships with the labs listed here:


Please contact the lab directly to inquire about ordering ibs-smart. We are actively expanding our partnerships. If you would like to stay in touch about the availability of ibs-smart in your country, please contact us

Getting Blood Drawn for ibs-smart

Do I need to stop any medications (e.g., anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.) before drawing my blood sample?

No. Change in any medications is NOT required prior to blood draw. 



Do I need to fast before taking the test? 

No. Fasting is NOT required prior to blood draw.

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