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ibs-smart Blood Test Results

ibs-smart Blood Test Results

How are the results delivered?

If you ordered ibs-smart with our online prescriber service, your test results will be emailed directly to you once approved by your telehealth provider.


If your doctor ordered ibs-smart for you, we will send the results directly to your doctor. They will then follow up with you to discuss the results. In this case, we are unable to send results directly to you. Your doctor must be the one to share the results with you. 

How long does it take to get my results?  

Test results are available approximately 7 business days after receipt of your blood sample.


If you ordered ibs-smart through our online prescriber service, we will send the results directly to you and provide you with the option of a results consultation with your telehealth provider. 


Otherwise, test results will be sent directly to your ordering physician. Your ordering physician will then follow up with you to discuss the results.

What are the possible ibs-smart test results?

If either antibody is elevated, ibs-smart test results are considered “positive” and you can be confidently diagnosed with IBS. The root cause can also be confirmed as an instance of food poisoning in the past. 

If neither antibody is elevated, the ibs-smart test results are considered “non-indicative” of post-infectious IBS. This means that further testing is required to diagnose your symptoms.


There are four possible combinations of test results, depending on which antibodies are elevated in your blood: 


Elevated Anti-CdtB

  • Positive for IBS

  • Immune response has been activated. Autoimmunity is not present.

Elevated Anti-Vinculin

  • Positive for IBS

  • Immune response is not currently active. Autoimmunity is present.  

Elevated Anti-CdtB and Elevated Anti-Vinculin

  • Positive for IBS

  • Immune response is currently active. Autoimmunity is also present. 

Neither Anti-CdtB nor Anti-Vinculin Elevated

  • Non-indicative of post-infectious IBS

  • Symptoms are likely not due to post-infectious IBS. Further testing may be required to diagnose symptoms. 

What are my treatment options if my ibs-smart test results are positive?

A positive result from ibs-smart indicates that you have IBS-D or IBS-M. There are well-established, standard guidelines for the treatment of IBS-D and IBS-M. In addition, ibs-smart™ indicates the cause of your IBS is a damaged microbiome. 


Studies have shown that FDA-approved antibiotics and diet manipulation under the guidance of a dietician can be effective treatments in this case. 


Please speak to your healthcare provider about the best options for you.


Read about the Clinical Guidelines for IBS Treatment published by the American College of Gastroenterology here or the Guideline on Pharmacological Management of IBS published by the American Gastroenterological Association here


A thorough overview of treatment options for post-infectious IBS is also provided in a review in Digestive Diseases and Sciences here.


What do I do if my ibs-smart results are non-indicative? 

Receiving non-indicative results means that your symptoms could be the result of an illness other than post-infectious IBS. 


Non-indicative patients are best suited for additional diagnostic workups. You should speak with your medical provider about your next steps.

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