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IBS Test Available Internationally

ibs-smart is available internationally through partnerships with the labs listed below.
We are actively expanding our partnerships. If you would like to stay in touch about the availability of ibs-smart in your country, please contact us


ibs-smart is available in Canada through a partnership with SIBO Diagnostics. 


778 922 7426


Mexico City

IBS Test Partner Biomedica in Mexico City.

ibs-smart is available in Mexico City through a partnership with Biomedica de Referencia. 

+52 (01)55 5540 9180



ibs-smart is available in Panama through a partnership with Panama City-based Cryo-Cell Panamá.

IBS Test Partner CryoCell Panama

+507 263 6816


ibs-smart is available in Australia through a partnership with Mullumbimby-based SIBOTest.

IBS Test Partner Sibo Test in Australia

+61 (0)2 6684 0814


New Zealand

ibs-smart is available in New Zealand through partnerships with Auckland-based House of Health and The Auckland Gut Clinic.


+64 (0)9 846 5566



ibs-smart is available in England through a partnership with the South Harting-based Maas Clinic.

IBS Test Partner The Maas Clinic in England.

+44 (0)1730 825 457

ibs-smart is also available in England through a partnership with Lincoln-based Colabs.

Colabs Logo-Colour.png

+44 (0)1522 846902



ibs-smart is available in Switzerland through a partnership with Coppet-based Unilabs. 


+41 (0)22 716 2000



ibs-smart is available in Spain through a partnership with Castellon-based Laboratoria Calderon. 

 IBS Test Partner Calderon Centro Diagnostico in Spain

+34 964 22 02 16


ibs-smart is also available in Spain through a partnership with Isomed Pharma.

+34 913 440 655



ibs-smart is available in Poland through a partnership with Krakow-based Dietografia. 

IBS Test Partner Dieto Grafia in Poland

+48 606 376 663​



ibs-smart is available in Romania through a partnership with Bucharest-based Digestest. 


+40 0753 109 866


ibs-smart is available in Japan through a partnership with Nishinomiya-shi-based California Nutrients. 

IBS Test Partner California Nutrients in Japan

+81 (0) 120 072 025


South Asia

ibs-smart is available in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka through a partnership with CORE Diagnostics. 


1 800 103 2673

Middle East and North Africa

ibs-smart is available in major territories in the Middle East and North Africa, including Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, among others.

IBS Test Partner Advanced Medical German Co in Middle East and North Africa

+965 25668718

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